Target Learning through Diagnostics, Differentiation and Multimodal Learning.

SmartLab is Australia’s latest literacy, mathematics and numeracy diagnostic and learning platform for Years 3 to 10 improving the learning of thousands of Australian students through diagnostics, differentiation and multimodal learning.

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Master all Curriculum Topics

SmartLab’s diagnostics are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and general capabilities with inclusions and filters for ACARA 9.0, ACARA 8.4, SCSA, NSWESA and VCAA.

Our diagnostics direct each student to targeted and tailored tutorials designed to meet their specific learning needs.

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Curriculum Aligned Diagnostics for Pre and Post Year Level

SmartLab’s Curriculum Diagnostic Modules explore students’ understanding mapped to the curriculum as at the beginning or end of each school year.

Curriculum Diagnostics highlight strengths and areas for further learning for each student, class or cohort.

SmartLab’s algorithms direct students to tutorials providing teaching and practice according to their individual needs.

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Topic Focused Diagnostics

Topic Diagnostic Modules drill down to investigate cohort, class and student understanding of a topic’s many skills from elementary up to a student’s level or beyond.

Topic Diagnostic Modules assist classroom planning while also providing direction for students to tutorials that address their specific learning needs.

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Diagnostic Reports for Students

All modules provide immediate comprehensive reports.

SmartLab’s analytics help students to identify strengths, gaps and importantly provide direction to targeted and tailored tutorials across key literacy and numeracy/mathematics topics.

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Diagnostic Reports for Teachers

All diagnostics provide teachers with comprehensive reports highlighting strengths and learning needs of entire cohorts, specific classes or individual students.

Teachers can easily track progress in every topic and skill. Diagnostic reporting provides continuous information about each student’s development.

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Multimodal Learning from over 550 Tutorials

Learn from over 550 curriculum aligned tutorials designed by an expert team of Australian teachers who are leading publishers of Australian literacy and numeracy resources.

SmartLab directs students to targeted tutorials that specifically address that student’s needs.

Students will learn from a range of mediums including video learning, worksheets, worked examples and interactive practice questions.

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Flexible, Easy and Intuitive Platform

SmartLab is flexible and very simple to use. Decide when to release modules, live track student’s completion of modules and tutorials and obtain up to date information about students’ performance all in one simple central location.

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Affordable, all inclusive and no additional costs

$8.80 per student discount when enrolling Years 4-6 or 7-10 providing access to both literacy and numeracy/mathematics for the full school year.

$12.90 per student for both literacy and numeracy/mathematics for the full school year.

$9.90 per student for either the literacy or numeracy/mathematics single subscription for the full school year.

Pricing is inclusive of all training, ongoing support and PD Sessions.

Prices are exclusive of GST.

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Our education resources have furthered the learning of over 170,000 Australian students

Over 6,071 Australian teachers have been supported by our resources

Over 500 schools have benefited from our learning material

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